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  • Parking Bubal

    Parking Zona habilitada para estacionar

    Los chalets disponen de zona de parking privada, los apartamentos tienen zonas habilitadas para estacionar los vehículos no muy lejos de su habitación.

  • Parque infantil Bubal

    Parque Infantil Columpios, toboganes...

    Para los más peques, disponemos de una zona con columpios para que puedan disfrutar los más pequeños de la familia y bien delimitado para su control .

  • Restaurante Bubal

    Self Service Sirvase y disfrute de la estancia

    En el recinto dispone de un Self Service de lo más completo, ensaladas, pasta comida caliente en invierne y fresca en verano para que tenga más tiempo para disfrutar.

Description of the establishment.

Bubal City Residential is a full-service resort located in the center of Valle de Tena in the Pyrenees of Huesca. Located in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees and surrounded by impressive clumps of tall, Valle de Tena noted for its magnificent scenery, interspersing the beauty of its rocks, woods and lakes, with its typical architecture of mountain villages. A complete tourist infrastructure, mainly driven by the Ski Resorts of Aramon Formigal and Panticosa, make the Valley a must destination for skiers and all sports and nature in general. Snow in winter, pleasant temperatures in summer, water and life in spring, beautiful colors and lights in autumn … come to discover.

Bubal and natural environment.

Búbal is located at the edge of the existing road C-136, whose layout amending the old Camino Real that until the construction of the reservoir Búbal walked beside the river Gallego entire valley from north to south. The marsh flooded even the lowest part of the population, whose houses were finally demolished. La Peña Telera, which descends deep forest known as Forest Búbal, frames the landscape of this small town from which beautiful views of the marsh and the Sierra Tendeñera are sighted.

Today, it is a good starting point for excursions, hiking and mountain biking in summer you can water activities in the reservoir, like enjoy the concerts held on the floating stage in Lanuza


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  • “El trato increíble, pero la zona una pasada, volveremos”.

    by Gonzalo
  • “Coming five years and are many more that we were always you take care”.

    by Sara
  • “Cuando vamos a esquiar siempre nos quedamos en Bubal, son muy amables”.

    by Elena


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Tours available

Tips for trips you can take around.

Easy route

ESCARRILLA – EL SALDO  Today’s route is typical of the area to make with kids. We left the car at the end of Escarrilla Sallent direction. We are on the road a few meters to a track that starts on the left before crossing the river and before l tunnel. On this track there is an indicator for those nicely shaped and walk with joy cartel. It indicates the balance 40′.
After a few meters, on the left is a path well indicated cahirs and yellow and white markings. At first walk in the shadow running through a small forest. Within minutes we had the pleasant shade and a path with a slight rise where we begin to sense our destiny in the middle of the walls that accompany us. The road takes a little to the left when the end is something right.
We left the path to incorporate us to a track where we found a langa we go. Having reached this point begins the path leading us to the right descent. A few minutes later we arrived at the end of the path to meet the leap in a beautiful setting. It is impossible not to stop and stop a few minutes to enjoy for a long time the place.
The site is very busy because as we said earlier is very apt to go with the whole family. Important to note that with children 40 minutes set at the start of the path are not very long and they are fairly optimistic in most cases .

Moderate route

PANTICOSA – PR-HU95 The route mostly follows the trail of small PR-HU95 route and leaves from the parking lot of the ski resort of Panticosa. From the beginning it starts with a progressive increase that climbs slowly. The initial section is very nice, being shaded by a dense forest that shelters us forward.
Soon reach the bridge that crosses the Zoche Bolat River in the corner invites you to enjoy. From here a steep rise in zig zag that will challenge our legs start, but soon reach a flat, open area that will give us a broad overview of the terrain through which we move. From here, and alternating soft llaneos with slight ascents and descents, we will be crossing the curvature of the valley switching to a south facing. After spending a fence for cattle reach another bridge shortly after the Rat establishing cross to the right bank of the River Ripera.
From here we started to make out the head of the valley with towering peaks of the Sierra de Tendenera. Around here we go, but before greet a herd of horses graze peacefully at home. My presence gets their attention and remain engrossed watching my movements. Step next to Refugio unsaved of Ripera, crossed the river on your left side and soon found a second hut with inscriptions of ancient ICONA. To my left a waterfall rushes down the wall from the port area tendenera, which motivates them to continue along the trail now climbs decisively…[Read More]

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Síguenos en las Redes Sociales

Algunos de nuestros clientes, prefieren realizar largas estancias para disfrutar mejor del enclave que es Bubal y disfrutar de la paz y la tranquilidad, si es su caso, tenemos descuentos especiales para clientes o familias que quieren pasar una estancia prolongada con nosotros.

No solo ofrecemos los servicios que hemos descrito, desde siempre, Residencial Bubal a acogido a innumerables campamentos de verano que han hecho las delicias de incontables niños por las posibilidades que el entorno ofrece, si esta interesado en esta opción, remitamos un email o pónganse en contacto con nosotros para poder ofertarles un servicio completo